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much. >> and dana did a great job on o'reilly for one. >> you called me mediocre. >> you're mediocre, but t welcome to "red eye." let's go to andy levy with what is coming up. >> our top story, the company behind wonder bread, devil dogs and twinkies prepares to shut the factory forever. the story of the hostess with the leastest. and who mentioned a move from the al-qaeda original draft for the benghazi attack some the shocking question that can probably only be answered in n a impeachment hearing? and what happens when we send bill schulz into time square to ask about bill's new book? hopefully they beat him so badly he is covered with contusions and it becomes exter shall beating.
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>> that's why i wrote the book. i wrote it extra heffy. >> it is a heffy book. >> so when he went out there he would be beaten with it. >> i support that. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she is often mistaken for death valley. i am here with aris-faulkner. saturday and sunday at 7:00 p.m. lease don't kiss the audience. he is so sharp he sleeps on a cutting board. america's future foundation chairman. i think it is a front for child slavery. and in russia, he is considered a test subject. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if fierce commentary was a thanksgiving turkey he would poison your whole family. sitting next to me, ie, mike baker. >> he is heffy. >> former cia operative and the makers of diligence cat toys. diligence cat hammocks and diligence cat hair nets.
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for all of your cat toy and cat hammocks and cat hair net needs, think diligence. diligence, you won't even know you are dead, but they will. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> wonder bread has been left for dead. yes, a nation is in morning as hostess is closing its pack tory for good. the maker of twimkies and double dogs said they couldn't reach a deal with the striking bakers by thursday it would have no choice but to shutdown. with that deadline past, the company's ceo issued a statement on friday saying this. >> we deeply regret the necessity, but do not have the sources to weather an extended nationwide strike. in september the baker's union reject rejected a contract. and instead 18,000 workers will lose their jobs which i guess is better. hostess will auction off its
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assets meaning many brands could survive under the ownership of new p cs. and demand for fox news is at an all-time high. >> i don't know anymore. where did that come from? we were always told when we were growing up like santa clause and the easter bunny that twinkies would out survive the human race. we found out one thing, the only thing that could kill them were unions. >> unions, who would have figured? the shelf slive what? depends on who you talk to but it is between 25 days and a couple hundred years. thank god i have an under ground boppinger where i have -- bunker where i have relocated to. there is a supply of twinkies and susie q's. i don't know if hostess makes
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them, but they are delicious. >> that is not actually a snack, but actual women. >> they are in my bunker. >> and they are all named susie. >> you will be there on wednesday? >> yes. how can we live in a world without hostess? it was part of our life, and now it is gone. >> i am not a twinkie girl, but a ding-dong will save your life. >> what about the snack? >> let's move on. >> who is negotiating on behalf of the baker's union? >> it needs to be a pay cut or pay increase and he said, i might take what they are offering. they didn't even get a vote. >> we saw that at the
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democratic convention. >> i am talking about the secret ballot vote. it is over camille. is there any possible way obama shouldn't be impeached for this? >> well, if it is real. the whole thing is a hoax. i heard this news and i immediately ran to four different stores looking for twinkies, ho-ho's and totally sold out. this was a brilliant strategy on the part of the hostess executives, and clearly this is all fake. >> could it be that bob beckle went and ate them all? >> it is like the storm. i went looking for water, but went looking for twinkies or twins. >> you were the inspiration and are you taking it personally? >> i will always be an embodiment of twinkie the kid. >> a sponge-like treat. >> they actually did discontinue the sponge.
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i have no fear for these beloved products of yours. they will be bought by the highest bidder. the only real losers are, of course, the people who lost their jobs. >> 18,500 of them. >> the winners are all of the cable news personalities that get to use food props when reporting on this story. i am looking at you, glen beck. actually i am not a subscriber, but i know you did this. >> "the five" did it. >> i know you did this. >> this is a true story that they wouldn't let you eat the twinkies onset on "the five." >> well, they claimed they were going to ebay them. but the fact is i think they were using them for "fox and friends" tomorrow. why get more twinkies. oddly enough i notice your last name is baker. >> yes, it is. >> you being in the cia your real name is not really baker. >> of course it is not. >> this is the name of his book, the baker was a butcher. covered in blood on your face. >> they called you the baker
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because you killed them with con con -- convections. >> that's true. >> you will whack them and then leave a light sprinkling of glaze. it was like leaving an ace of spades on top of the body. >> i feel like we cracked open a classified document. >> can we agree that unions were good at once, but now they are on a suicide mission. if you don't get what we want then everybody dies. it is supposed to be like a revolving door at your company. when you walk up in and then you walk out and you both push. somebody goes in and somebody goes out. it is a metaphor. people work together going in the opposite direction. >> the baker's union -- the banker's union should have known there was a problem when the teamsters are saying you will cost everybody their job. the banker's union is the smaller union and teamsters says, you will cost us jobs if you don't respond by 5:00 on thursday, and they didn't.
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>> what we need is a multimillion-dollar bailout though. >> a twinkie bailout. >> it is a billion dollars worth of twinkies, but where are the teamsters? they are storming the baker's union with clubs. >> they didn't go that far. they were having words. >> as usual, baker, you asked the wrong questions. where is sally field on top of a table and a sign that says twinkies on it. >> by the way you know who the real losers are? prisoners. what will they bargain with? twinkies and hoho's. >> there are nonworking unions who lost their jobs. >> it is a horrible story and angers me to no end. from baked snacks to benghazi attacks, was the report on terror full of error? what's your problem? >> i'm sorry. i never thought i would live to see myself siting in a panel where we went from
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hostess baked goods to a discussion of benghazi. >> that's what "red eye" does best. we are the only ones who can transition from light to heavy. and how dare you point that out. just because you are handsome doesn't make you a critic. shut up! david petraeus told lawmakers he believed right away the libya assault was terrorism even though the obama administration blamed an anti-islam video, which was a lie. the former cia director said he didn't know who removed the reference from the original talking points. petraeus made mentions of military groups and was replaced with the word extremist, but was not aware of which agency had done that. >> talking points were specific about the affiliations and the terrorist activities. they didn't have it in front of them. whatever the process is, it was unclear and it was taken out.
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>> is this the smoking gun or the smoking cannon or the smoking room? the fact that it would changing they would say it is to hide -- to not let the terrorists know that we knew. is that legitimate? >> that could be well -- >> it is a legitimate point, but is it right? >> no. shear what petraeus was i believe was trying to point out, and there are two issues with his testimony. at least as we know. it it has been discussed anonymously and we don't have the details. but when the cia gathers information out in the field, it is just raw data. a source tells you something. you steel some secret. you get some information. that information is in a pure form. our job out on the field is just to shove that information back into headquarters. what he is referring to or saying is once it gets out it
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will go to an editing process. then it goes into the community. at what point it gets changed, it is always changed. once it is beyond the cia's doors. >> here is my thing. actually a couple things. and we won't know because it was behind closed doors. it is leaking out. we may know. did the sex scandal ever come up? was that a distraction today? i wonder what questions were asked. >> only briefly apparently according to people who were there who should have kept their yap shut. they were very careful. this is the funny thing about washington. if i was one of those congressmen behind closed doors i would want to know everything about the sex scandal. i would be asking. >> i think people want to know what happened to four americans at our consulate. >> absolutely. and that's absolutely true. as this point you have to say why -- and here is the question that links the two together. all right. you are saying the word terrorist was taken out. you said it was removed. all right, so tell me why you
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went up there and said this anyway. i think that had something to do with it. i think he knew the sex scandal was going down in flames and everything was closing in on him, and the white house was going video, video, video, and i think he was on his back foot and walked in and wasn't on his game. >> your point is what happens is petraeus spoke the truth now because the leverage was gone. >> right. >> the leverage of the scandal was no longer there, and he could actually say they changed the language which he might not have said before. camille, i want to ask you this question, what do you make of this? that was a really profess sigh question. >> that is deep. >> i had a bunch of other ones, but then i said why ask a specific question? >> this is good. you set the bar so high. i obviously wasn't there. i don't know anyone who gave me any insight -- inside information. i am sort of like ron paul on this whole thing. why are the doors closed? why doesn't everybody get to
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hear the good point? i am among the many americans who are completely outraged by the administration's either totally incompetent or intentionally misleading handling of this whole situation. the fact they kept referring to this video over and over and over again for the space of two weeks is quite heinous. >> and a protest that never happened. it is a spontaneous protest that never happened. >> i want to bring bill in on this. have you no knowledge on this matter. i think your opinion weighs more. >> about 140 right now. maybe a little more. i had a very hefty lunch. no twinkies though. they were sold out. eyewitnesses did say it was a combination. the people that were there say there were indeed some people there that were there for the videos. the guy with the rocket launcher -- they said it was both. >> bill is making up a whole new reports. >> i haven't heard that from anybody. >> i thought that's the
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information that was initially given. >> that's what he came out with. i will be stunned if she ends up as our secretary of state. >> did you see the women on capitol hill today? i was watching c-span that i know you find sexy and riveting. i do. i watched hours of c-span, and there were these women on capitol hill defending. in fact, one of her former graduate school classmates who has known her for 25 years says what a terrific character she is and road scholar and this, that and the other. is she the skate goat the president says she is? >> she is an exaggerated talent. let's face it. she has made other mistakes before this, but we never really knew about her. >> she seemed to be going out and towing the line that everybody else was towing for days. >> i don't think she is an a-student in all of this. by the way, i refer -- >> i have another theory. >> i refer to her commentary as balogna rizotto and nobody
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picked up on it. >> i do not want to live in a country where somebody named rice could be misleading of information and then become secretary of state. not on my watch. >> there is no way. if she is as smart as people say she is, there is no way she believed what she was saying. >> what if she wanted the secretary of state job? >> that's a good point. >> i am thinking like a conniving woman. she wanted it like you want a man. you say how am i gonna get him? i didn't get my husband like this, so don't get ideas. >> think about this. >> you go out there and tow the line and you figure -- remember, secretary clinton stopped talking. it was very early on. you have her out in front of the story, susan rice. it is just a thought. what if she was angling all along for the job? we will never know. >> hillary went to astray yaw. the only place -- to australia. the only place further is the spacestation. >> that and idaho. >> you and this idaho stuff.
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>> from one diversion to the other, it is the highest honor for a nation's toy. america's latest round of plastic pals have been inducted into the national toy hall of fame. they couldn't be more different. darth vader and dominoes. one from star trek fame and the other a tile-based game. it explains the cru rator of the museum in cooperstown. i like to think what links a dominos and the action figure this year is they are both small, but powerful, like me, products that create play opportunities. meanwhile the museum staff are testing next year's nominees for their play ability. >> have i no comment on that matter. i find it disgusting. the "star wars" figurines they sparked a toy industry that
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was the tieing. is that good or bad? >> it is fabulous. i think it is great for folks like me. i am not heavily invested in facebook or apple. i purchased he-man figurines. >> are you a figurine guy? >> and you have a wedding band. >> 300? >> to you it is an investment. >> yes. >> that's what i tell my neighbor. >> you have 300 of these things. how much do you think it is worth? >> well, next year when they enter the hall of fame? $20 million. >> i think are you low bawling it. >> you have a ring on your finger. how would a chick marry you with 300 of those things. >> that's it. >> he is married to a figurine. >> oh, that explains it. >> it is a disgusting, sad world, and by the way it is inside him right now. i apologize. baker, the board game clue and the little green army men didn't make the cut. that's an insult on you. >> it is, actually. clue was the whole reason i wanted to go into the agency.
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that sent me on my path. and then the little green army men was why i became so aggressive and violent in my later years. i think it is a real shame 6789. dominoes, i get they are 800 years old and they have been around a longtime. i don't know how to play the game, but they are great when you stack them. everybody agrees on that. and then i said -- >> i have like under two minutes and i want to get to harris. what toys do you have your kids play, and when am i going to be able to baby-sit? >> that is a trick question. i give them educational toys which is why they are trying to run away. >> my parents used to give them an educational toy. it was a laundry bag. they would climb in and see how quickly you would suffocate. you collect rare porcelain dolls for fun. is this for profit or for both? >> i bring it to my psychologist and show where
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the bad man touched me. >> have you my face on one of the porcelain dolls. >> that is for fun. they are not all for my deep, deep therapy. let's look at what we have got. there is dwr news for "star wars." >> aren't they about to re-do the series? >> bill, you have to finish. >> where is wall dough, he-man, my little pony, strawberry short cake, where did those toys come from? my youth. i don't mean disrespect for world war ii vets, but clearly i am the greatest generation. coming um, why move to idaho? mike baker on how wide open spaces make it easier to dispose of bodies. and is the fda really going to regulate energy drinks? welcome to obama's america people. or as i like to call. it kenya. call. it kenya.
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five-hour energy, more like no hour. if a couple of senators get their way, they are trying to ban pep in a can, urging the fda to restrict caffeine levels in certain energy drinks tied to multiple deaths. ingit is an urgent and dangerous threat because of the high levels of caffeine that are undisclose expetd affects of combining the caffeine with other ingredients. yes, other ingredients like liketh utmeg or cinnamon. it could have canceled the whole point. it would affect red bull, full throttle and my favorite bobcat urine. i tap it myself. but try telling these guys they can't have their beloved gogo juice.
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>> they look conjoined. they are actually allowed to date other people. that's nice. harris, we heard there have people who died from these things, but it is from a specific drink. do you think this is as serious a problem? my feeling is we report on things like these because they are so rare. >> it is like a plane crash. people think planes fall out of the sky every day, but it is just when we cover them it is just so rare. if anybody is getting sick from the stuff, the er reports from the emergency rooms have gone up with people having illness after drinking these drinks. they have to reclassify the drink as a soda as you .ed out. pointed out. that's a caw nun drum. they want to deny there is a problem because if they are forced into the soda pop -- let's face it. nobody is drinking these things because of how they taste. you are not chugging red bull. >> no, red bull as you know
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you mix it with vodka so you can stay away and drink more vodka. >> particularly when i am in the clubs in europe. >> you love the clubs, mainly in denmark. have you spoke tone sven lately? >> and in lick 10 stein. the problem with a lot of people who have been going to the er room is the combination of the beverage with the alcohol. but this is not the first time. there has been a couple of drinks, these energy accept plaw meant drinks that were -- these energy supplement drinks lifted off the market. there is a precedence and they need to pay attention to it. >> there is a lot of people that end up in the er on bicycles. is it because it is something reel law indicated to over 18 like bicycles? >> i am not even so sure about that. there is certainly a place for personal responsibility. there is a bigger issue. folks like milton freedman drew attention to the fact that the fda doesn't need more frivolous work to do.
3:26 am
it is legitimate drugs that need to be approved. it is a multi year process, and there are millions of people that have died as a result of waiting on the fda to clear this backlog. that's a much more pornts problem -- pornts problem than a few people who happen to unfortunately get -- >> you know what, in my contract for "red eye" it says you won't sit me next to a smart guy. >> i felt sorry for bill. >> i will see your precedence and raise you -- look, i hear phonetically. i will raise you the fact that i have a buddy who is a lawyer at the fda. and right now i am realizing i probably should vie mailed him and -- e-mailed him and sent him this story so i can get a quote from him. >> that's what we come to expect at "red eye." i could have done that, but i didn't.
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just like you. you could have watched something else and you didn't. i thank you for that. what am i saying? if you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by wine, the alcoholic drink made by fermenting the juice of grapes. thanks, wine.
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we are back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> feeling good. >> nice job. >> three hours of tv. >> went well i thought. >> i stayed within the lines. did you notice that? i didn't do anything i couldn't -- i was president allowed to -- i wasn't allowed to do. >> it mysteriously disappeared. >> it it was a cia talking point. >> mike, hostess does make susie q's. >> i thought so. and they are delicious. >> these are messy. susie q's you eat them and the stuff comes out the side and it is messy. >> devil dogs are easier to eat. >> they are. >> go for the ding-dong. >> as a christian, a bit of a problem.
3:32 am
>> harris, technically it is the bakery convectionary, tobacco workers and grain millers. >> and that rolls off the tongue, hence the baker's union. >> i think we have to be clear on something. you all want to blame this entirely on the unions. this company has been in trouble for a longtime. it filed for lang rupt see in -- it filed for bankruptcy in january. the company lost money in 30 of the past 37 quarters. leading up to the bankruptcy filing, they say the company was converting some of the executive pay from performance-based bonuses to salary to get around bankruptcy rules. they had to roll back some of the pay raises. and the bottom line seems to be the company was run poorly for a longtime. and it had declining sales because it didn't keep up with what it wanted. >> and you are making the point. when these workers decided to strike they gave them a deadline. if you guys don't come back to work, we will be insolve vent. i guess they thought they were
3:33 am
kidding. they filed for bankruptcy in january for the second time in this company's historiment they knew they were already in trouble. apparently the union didn't take them seriously. now they have to. >> i don't think -- i doubt it is that the union didn't take them seriously, it is that they didn't want to take more pay decreases. >> do you want half or half of thouing? half of nothing. it is a simple question. >> the correct answer -- >> they have chosen nothing. >> we have now hijacked the -- >> that's my point. it is a suicide mission. >> have i been hearing this evil -- i have been hearing the evil union brought hostess to its knees. >> i didn't say it was an evil union. i said if they wanted something that was going cost 18,500 jobs they might have wanted to give them a chance at a secret ballot. when you raise your hand like in the third grade they feel peer pressure. they may have voted for
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something different than give up their jobs a week before thanksgiving. >> and that, ladies and gentlemen is how you move on. >> did i get the story wrong? >> you got it right. >> former cia operative. >> i wonder if he had his cover blown many times. >> and then the cream filling gets out all over the place and all over your hands. >> he is talking about food. >> am i ruining my chances to be governor of idaho? >> no, that's what is really sad. >> why don't we talk about general petraeus for a little bit here. >> all right. a pick me up. >> first of all, you said you never said you were on a panel that went from baked products to benghazi. did you not hear greg say from baked snacks to benghazi attacks? it is called a transition. >> i know, and i screwed it up. i apologize. it was a good segue.
3:35 am
>> mike, you don't buy the claim that is now being floated that the names of the groups like al-qaeda was replaced with the word extremist because we didn't want those groups to know we had info tieing them to the attacks. >> i am not buying that. it was a political stunt. it was a political move. >> you said obviously you weren't there and if i heard this right, you don't know why the hearing was held behind closed doors. >> yes. >> i am assuming because classified information was discussed some. >> sure. >> what i am suggesting is that the american people obviously want to know what the hell happened. and having a public hearing where you exclude whatever classified information no one is supposed to know and no one is allowed to know and giving them the opportunity to say i can't speak to that, that is classified. that would satisfy my curiosity. these people work for me. at what point do i get the full story 1234*. >> i know, i just -- that's why we have leaks.
3:36 am
>> we'll take it. >> thank you, i am grateful for that. i dig the johnny cash thing. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> that's his friday look. >> it is the uniform of the day. hair rirks you brought up the spontaneous protest that never happened. as spencer points out, you have petraeus saying he thought it was terrorism the whole time. the director of national terrorism back on september 28th said the intel they had at that time lead them to the belief that the attack was spontaneous. so which is it? >> you would have to ask them. >> that's what i am saying. >> as camille has pointed out, i'm sure they were asked, but i don't know because they may have considered it to be classified. which by the way from this current administration which will now get a new wave in january, we have seen a lot of classified information leaked. maybe it is a tick-tock before we get the answers.
3:37 am
>> i think you know that when you leak classified information, it is only classified information that makes you look good. >> well, if it were up to me, yes. that's a strategy that has to work, but you have to prove that. >> andy leaked his vacation photos. remember that? you had lost some weight and you had the new trunks? >> i remember being angry when the pictures showed up on-line. >> yeah, you were angry. by the way, you mention the hearings and some lawmakers on capitol hill that wants this to go to a watergate-style hearing so you can get everyone in one room and you don't have to have a committee over here have a hearing and you get different stories. put them in the same room and let everybody hear what they have to say at one time. >> he said his committee can only deal with the intel community. and then you have the other committees that can only deal with the pentagon. you are right. get them together and let them
3:38 am
get their story straight. >> my question for mike baker, as we have this information, does it change anything? >> i don't think the 52 or 53% who voted for the change in administration, i don't think they care. >> i completely agree. >> they go throughout the entire 24 hours not caring. >> i am stealing that joke. >> camille, you said ambassador rice should be towing the line when show goes on the shows. i keep reading the senators are making her a skate goat. i think she is a scapegoat, but it is president obama who made her the scapegoat. >> by the way, andy, what is a scapegoat? >> it is a goat that scapes. >> i don't believe that. what is a scapegoat? >> it is a goat that scapes ? >> where did that come from? >>- q. i we have a lot of animals -- >> we have a lot of animals.
3:39 am
>> if it comes from the bibles they sacrifice a goat. >> a goat who couldn't escape. >> the goat would assume the since of the community and then they would sacrifice the goat. >> i didn't say that. >> can you go look that up? >> move on, andy before i hit you. >> toy hall of fame, i don't care about that. i am running out of time. emergency drinks. emergency drinks -- energy drinks. i call them emergency drinks. harris, you said there is an increase of emergency room incidents caused by the drinks. but as mike eluded to, it is due to mixing them with alcohol. >> that's absolutely correct. >> i didn't elude to it, i just said it. >> i don't know if he said -- i said eluded. and lastly, i love that the connecticut senator is an urgent and dangerous threat. that's what he pretended to be in vietnam.
3:40 am
>> ladies and gentlemen. >> nice. >> that's why we didn't do any questions on the toy story. >> we called him johnny cash. i think we made him mad. coming up, should smurfs enjoy basic human rights? and does that mean i have to stop eating them? that's something john gibson asked me during an awkward elevator ride. first, what do people on the street say about my book? positive things, and if not i will find them and kill them.
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should you place this elf upon your shell of. shelf. it has my face on the cover and everything. but they are not going to sell itself. and as a result i had fox news' most illiterates correspondent hit the streets and try and promote something he himself will never
3:44 am
understand. >> worst tree yet. you might not have heard, but greg has a book out in time for the holidays. he has been private about it, so we thought we would hit the streets and help him push it. you know why? ♪ because it is the most wonderful time of the year ♪ let's get this over with. can i interest you in a book by the host of "red eye" and something called" the five"? i believe it is an on-line show. his name is greg gutfeld, and it is called "the joy of hate" is this something you might purchase for you or your loved one? >> i don't think so. >> is this something you might purchase for your hated ones? >> i probably would. >> i judge a book by its cover. when you look at this cover, what goes through your mind? >> nothing. >> when you look at this cover, what does it say to you? >> don't buy this book. >> does he look edgy or more gassy? >> he looks gassy. >> i think this guy is a
3:45 am
little on the shady side. check the eyes out. >> what do you see in the eyes aside from a complete lack of soul? >> i see a lot of hmmm as well. if you look at the cover it looks like he is saying hmmm. let's do it together. hmmm. a little higher this time. hmmm. lower. hmmmm. can i get a d? hmmmm. what is that in your hand right there? >> this book somebody habdzed it to me in the street. that's a horrible memory. it was me two seconds ago. crazy. do you recognize the guy on the cover of this book? >> i do not. >> all you have to do to read the fact that it is greg gutfeld as the author. let's try that again, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. do you recognize this guy? >> yes, that's greg gutfeld. >> i will read you a line. one is from this book and the other from "50 shades of gray." >> he removes my shoes, and may socks.
3:46 am
efficiently and he slowly peels off my sweatpants. oh, what panties am i wearing. second line. being a teenager in the 70s comes from two books, back acne. >> the second is from this book. >> ding, di ng. in your hands is a piping fresh copy of "the joy of hate" by greg gutfeld. it is available at all barnes and nobels and american doll stores everywhere. is this something you might want to purchase for the holidays? i >>- q. maybe. -- >> maybe. >> no. >> how about thanksgiving? >> no. >> halloween. >> no. >> kwanza? >> no. >> labor day? >> no. >> my birthday? >> probably. >> two guys there, we will do something called gorilla market cking. marketing. >> hi, guys. flavor country, am i right? i was totally reading this
3:47 am
book for no reason whatsoever. it is called "the joy of hate" and i never hated love so much. the only thing i like more than delicious, delicious tobacco is reading the lines this guy is shooting out chapter by chapter. is this something you might be interested in buying? >> no. >> how about yourself? what are you smoking? what cigarette are you smoke ?g. >> marl burrow. -- marlboro. >> a fellow cowboy. if you like cowboys you wuf love grig gutfeld. if you have to buy one book this holiday season it has to be following up, the story of taboo from the black eyed peas of. and if you are buying two, the joy of -- the joy of -- line? "the joy of hate" by greg gutfeld. >> was there anyone -- anyone you ran into? >> can we go to the additional tape? >> each chapter is 30 words each.
3:48 am
"the joy of hate" makes for a great bathroom read. >> are you interested? >> yes, i ran out of toilet paper. can you give me two pages some. >> he absorbed both those pages. >> that was good to know. it is nice to see the print is dead. and so is bill. >> time to take a break, but more stuff when we come back.
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they did right with the flight. i speak of the film about wise w wisconsin -- about wisconsin volunteers. it was to visit the memorial in their honor. it is called "honor flight" and i was told it was good. here is the trailer. >> it took 60 years to build a memorial to these guys. >> they never got the welcome home they deserve. >> he has cancer. >> he kept saying i am going to be strong enough to make it to the world war ii memorial. >> we fly world war ii veterans to see the memorial at no cost to them. >> i am bob dole and my wife elizabeth and i come out here
3:53 am
a lot. we let everybody know the sacrifices of that generation. >> you never forget. >> the ones that didn't come back are the heros. >> that's what it is all about. >> i never knew he was alive. >> we will never, ever forget. >> that's awesome. camille foster is one of the executive producers. why should people go and see this film? they must see this movie. how many vets were involved? >> we profiled more vets, but there were many more featured throughout the film. it was a real privilege to work on this project with the team. >> what was it like for you? this effort, this journey was it hard getting this together? >> well, no. the film took three years of work.
3:54 am
and dan hayes -- >> they have to credit other people. >> they are incredibly talented as well as the volunteers out in wisconsin. incredible group of folks and incredible group of vets. and a project that we are all super proud of. >> tell me about the premiere you had at miller park in milwaukee. >> 28,000 plus people crammed into the brewer stadium in milwaukee. you could hear a pin drop in the place. it was phenomenal. almost 200 world war ii veterans watching the film. it was a once in a lifetime movie. >> we have the world record for the largest film audience in history. we will have that for another two years and somebody will knock us off. the movie still stands the test of time. i hope you will go and see it. it opens around december 7th. in wisconsin you get a couple extra days to see it. >> that's great. >> in wisconsin, new york,
3:55 am
l.a. and washington, d.c. we have another really big event at dar constitution hall on december 7th which is incredible. >> any documentaries planned in the future? >> we have a lot of other extra stuff coming, but i don't know what the next project s. for now, please visit honor flight the learn more. >> there is a young guy that does this show late at night. it might be a good documentary. works for fox news. >> it is an important thing and you have to go see this thing. my dad was an army air corp vet. he passed away awhile ago. he went to the memorial and it was incredibly moving. this is really important what you did. >> thank you. >> a lot of military up here. i am a former brat. sometimes still a brat. >> you are always a brat. >> i know. >> for more information go to
3:56 am
honor flight the we will close things up with a post game wrap up from our army vet, andy levy.
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
andy levy and post game wrap up. >> any recommendations for what people should do going to boise? >> get yourself a few drinks at the end zone. and then when you wake up in the morning and you are hung over, wander down to elmer's for slishes breakfast. >> the end zone? >> that doesn't sound like a chain. >> i heard you were a little late today? >> i was filling in for shep on "the fox report." just doing that. i had to be the lead in for greg gutfeld filling in for bill o'reilly. you get a boom and a boom. >> boom cubed.

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